Due-Diligence & Site Assessment

EES conducts a full range of due-diligence and site assessment services.

This type of assessment commonly requires evaluating environmental conditions and liabilities during property acquisition or financing.  We understand project drivers and strategies, and provide rapid, thoughtful response and communications that keep our clients informed throughout the process.

Most often, due-diligence actions involve completing a formal Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in accordance with ASTM standards.

For portfolio due-diligence projects or other purposes, EES frequently develops customized work products that address our clients’ unique environmental liability concerns.

In cases where supplemental research and/or Phase II assessment is appropriate, EES has extensive experience with investigative follow-up and expedited management.


Related Assessment Services

  • Develop investigation and remediation timelines and budgetary cost projections used in buyer-seller and insurance coverage-related discussions.
  • Provide technical support and coordination with lenders, attorneys, brokers, regulators, and other stakeholders during transfer negotiations.
  • Evaluate current and historical facility operations in response to regulatory demands requiring an Expanded Preliminary Assessment (XPA).
  • Assist with state-administered prospective purchaser agreements to define and limit environmental liability associated with the acquisition of contaminated property.
EES employees working on site