About EES

EES is a unique team of professional consultants specializing in environmental assessment, investigation, and cleanup services.

We are thoughtful, practical, and results-driven, with a long‑term commitment to our clients and community.

Our experience and insights provide special value to our clients.

Who We Are

We are true consultants who work closely with our clients to navigate the various dimensions of environmental assessment and cleanup.  

We are experienced scientists who embrace technical detail but always have an eye on big-picture issues.

We are trusted counselors.

We live and work in the community we serve.  As a locally-owned small business, we understand that our job is to provide high-quality information and sound opinions so that our clients can make well-informed decisions.  Our consulting style and culture hinge on core values of diligent work, technical expertise, clear communication, honesty, and responsive service.

We color our days with a sense of humor and perspective.


What We Do

Our business practice focuses on evaluating and remediating environmental impacts related to chemical, petroleum, and hazardous substances.

We seek practical, defensible results that are informed by the regulatory, legal, and business frameworks of our projects.

We have spent our careers building strong relationships with private- and public-sector entities, attorneys, technical and business colleagues, regulatory program managers, and insurance companies. These hard-earned relationships directly benefit our clients. We engage in projects with a broad range of complexity and have the capacity and network to team with other like-minded experts and specialty professional firms as needed.

Our project base includes a variety of commercial and industrial facilities located primarily in Oregon and Washington. We also conduct technical review for facilities located around the country.  Urbanized sites make up most of our portfolio, although we routinely work on rural and agricultural projects.  We are familiar with local, regional, and federal environmental regulations and trending issues, and maintain positive working relationships with regulatory agency managers.

Our Approach and Culture

EES approaches every project with an emphasis on listening to our clients and focusing on big-picture goals and outcomes.  We promote a spirit of inquiry and effective communication.

Whether it’s bringing value to a five-minute phone call or a multi-year investigation and cleanup, our approach and dedication are integrated into all facets of EES work.

We ask the right questions and develop practical, problem-solving solutions.

Our professional services emphasize informed research, thoughtful and high-quality data gathering, detailed understanding and implications of regulatory, business, and environmental insurance frameworks, and the ability to discuss and communicate key issues with a wide range of clients and project team members.


Where We Work

EES is committed to the Pacific Northwest in the most basic way: we live and work locally, and our families have been part of this community for decades.

The EES office is conveniently located in downtown Portland, with direct and easy freeway, airport, and public transit access.  This central location enables us to service the region effectively and efficiently, and we are able to provide nimble response in support of our clients’ environmental assessment needs.


Why The Bridges


Bridges cross barriers and link communities.

Bridges symbolize the fundamental connection between people, enterprise, and the environment.

At their best, bridges are functional, durable, reliable, and elegant. In everything we do, EES seeks to be this kind of bridge.