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Portland, Oregon 97227
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EES Environmental Consulting, Inc.


EES provides professional environmental consulting services to private- and public-sector clients through the Pacific Northwest, including:

  • Environmental due diligence and related Phase 1/Phase 2 assessment
  • Remedial investigation and feasibility studies
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment
  • Remedial action planning, design, and implementation
  • Technical review and support
  • Litigation support

Our experience enables us to understand and seek to achieve a balance between strategic business needs and regulatory requirements. EES clients include regional fueling station owners, industrial manufacturers, former mill and wood treating facility owners, real estate developers, lending institutions, metal finishing companies, scrap metal recyclers, farmers, insurance companies, environmental and land-use attorneys, and others in the regulated community.

We have extensive experience evaluating and remediating sites impacted by chlorinated solvents, fuels and other hydrocarbons, PCBs, wood treating chemicals and derivatives, metals, agricultural chemicals, acids and bases, and other regulated substances. This investigation, risk assessment, and cleanup experience provides a solid basis for our work conducting technical review, expert witness, and related litigation support services related to environmental matters. Related work typically focuses on evaluating the nature and timing of historical releases; fate and transport of contaminants; cost allocation and reasonableness; and other elements of investigation and cleanup efforts conducted by third parties in the context of applicable regulatory criteria and standard industry practices.

EES routinely interacts and maintains positive working relationships with state regulatory agencies and managers, and we also have experience working within the RCRA and TSCA regulatory frameworks.