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Daniele Biane Peters

Daniele Biane Peters, EIT

Engineering Staff
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Daniele is a staff engineer-in-training with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from Portland State University. Her experience includes conducting Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, field and technical support as part of remedial investigation/feasibility studies, long-term groundwater monitoring programs, and environmental/discharge permit preparations and compliance monitoring. Daniele’s field experience includes sampling of groundwater, soil, soil vapors, and vapor emissions and operations and maintenance of remediation systems.


  • Performs groundwater monitoring and sampling at petroleum contaminated sites for long-term investigation, compliance inquiry, determination of contamination extent, and nature of contaminants.
  • Conducts operations and maintenance of ozone, air, and hydrogen peroxide groundwater sparging remediation systems. Tasks include standard maintenance of mechanical equipment, troubleshooting mechanical and electrical components, repairing and replacing mechanical apparatus, and mixing peroxide solution.
  • Conducts operations and maintenance of soil vapor extraction systems, including radius of influence testing, vapor sampling, and evaluating system performance.
  • Conducts sampling and evaluation of subsurface soil, soil vapor, and groundwater to determine nature and extent of contamination.
  • Developed HEC-RAS models to examine the effects of flow over floodplains, to analyze the effects of scour due to proposed structures, and to determine the most effective types of conduits for particular flows.
  • Used ArcGIS to model and interpret watershed behavior.
  • Performed water quality analysis of portions of the lower Willamette River: selected samples, performed statistical analyses, interpolated missing data, solved and uncovered errors associated with readings from the atomic absorption spectrometer, prepared technical documents, and submitted a final report of findings and recommendations for pollution control and river remediation techniques.


  • B.S., Environmental Engineering, Portland State University, 2015


  • Engineer-in-Training Certification
  • OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations Training (40 Hour)
  • National Groundwater Association